Harbour Grace CS Inc is a "Designated Representative" for the following countries:

Denmark, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Estonia,
Iceland, Latvia, Norway, Russia

for the purpose of providing liason with the appropriate officials of the Department of
Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) as per the Coastal Fisheries Protection Act and Regulation.

Port Agency:

HGCS provides Port Agency service for trawlers and freight vessels in Harbour Grace as well as other ports in Newfoundland.

We provide:
-Customs clearance
-Clearance of packages into the country
-EU Health & Origin and Hygiene Certificates on export of product
-Arrangements with airlines, travel agencies and taxis for crew members embarking and disembarking vessel
-Shipping and forwarding services
-Arrangements for medical and dental services

We will find you the best people and best quotes available for:
-Repairs and maintenance of vessel
-New fishing gear
-Repairs to fishing gear
-Ship chandler services
-Removal and disposal of garbage

HGCS has 900 sq meters (10,640 Sq Ft.) of dry storage space located on the premises for storing packaging, machinery, gear, etc. Space is available on the wharf for storing trawl doors, etc. A sufference and bonded warehouse is available if necessary. Your items can be stored on site, available to you when required.

For information about our Port Agency services contact:

Mrs Yvonne Dove, Port Agent
e-mail: ydove@hgcs.ca
Tel: 1-709-596-0097 ext: 223
Fax: 1-709-596-0098
Cell: 1-709-682-3007