Company Profile:

Harbour Grace CS Inc (HGCS) was founded in 1994 by people with an interest in fishing and harvesting fish and is now one of the major employers in Harbour Grace. Harbour Grace was for decades one of the most important fishing towns in Newfoundland and was also a base for operation in Labrador until early 1900. HGCS was built next to the site of a former large fishplant - fillet factory, fishmeal factory, etc - which employed up to 600 people at the same time.
In history - Harbour Grace was founded in 1517 by Francis I of France. It has a strong connection to the fishing industry since the 1500's. It was the last place of departure in North America for the pioneers flying from North America to Europe - one of the most famous pilots was Ms. Amelia Earhart, whose flight across the Atlantic began here in 1932.
Harbour Grace has today a population of about 3.500 people - there are efficent service facilities in the town and surrounding area.
The distance to St. John´s - the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador -
is only 100km via the highway.

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Phone: 709-597-0097

Fax: 709-596-0098

Jim Gibbons, Managing Director
Cell: 709-454-6608

Christine Lynch, Financial Manager
Tel: 709-596-0097 ext. 227

Yvonne Dove, Ship’s Agent / Payroll Supervisor
Tel: 709-596-0097 ext 223
Cell: 709-682-3007

Bert Vokey

Amy Parsons, Operations Manager
Tel: 709-596-0097 ext 236
Cell: 709-685-7374

Jim Byrne, Engineer
Tel: 709-596-0097 ext. 226

John Mercer